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In FTX Central, when you have multiple region available (at least one with the “FTX global” one) and FTX Global Base base installed, a curious “Enable “"hybrid mode” is displayed. When searching for the benefit of ticking or not the hybrid, I found very few info info :

Finally, a new "hybrid" mode is introduced for FTX Central that now allows the classic Orbx FTX Regions to remain "active" with FTX Global so you can do trans-ocean or continent flights without ever needing to see default terrain ever again

Source : https://www.fullterrain.com/product/ftxglobal

A special "Hybrid" mode, unique to FTX Global that allows you to fly across the borders between FTX full regions and surrounding Global terrain seamlessley, while sacrificing some minor regional specific options

Source : Orbx FTX Definitive guide, volume 1, page 32

With these in mind, it sounds logical to click ON because I will face only minor regional specific… issue. So ON was set until I flew over very well texture hills in east of Lyon (LFLL, in France). Fields textures are perfectly painted on terrain but clearly these is not as-real-as-it-shoud-be. See this picture :

2015-4-25_15-3-17-224Hybrid mode checked (ON)

Then I unticked the hybrid mode (set to OFF). And it was magic. Have a look at the exact same location :

2015-4-25_15-6-29-268Hybrid mode unchecked (OFF)

Field texture doesn’t climb hills anymore and rock and grey textures replace them more accordingly. Great !

Here is another more subtil example. The big hill on the back may be fine with or without the hybrid mode. But have a look at small hills just below the Cessna. On the top picture (Hybrid mode OFF), these small terrain receive a small line of forest texture. On the second picture (Hybrid mode ON), the field textures covered seamlessly small terrain hills making graceless wave texture.

2015-4-25_15-11-41-171Hybrid mode unchecked (OFF)

2015-4-25_15-20-31-382Hybrid mode checked (ON)

My choice is clearly made. It will be OFF. For those asking where this Hybrid mode is set, here are two screen capture of FTX Central v2 :



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