About Prepar3D v3, let’s test it

This post title could be something like “A wise man changes his mind, a fool never will”. Few weeks after the disappointment carried by the release notes (see my September post), simmers release feedbacks. Serious one. I tried to put away simple fan’s reaction and analyze the others. They are some interesting videos like this one :

Despite Jordan King’s video focused a bit on memory management (VAS(1) and OOM(2)), an area I wasn’t much concerned (not flying huge aircraft addon like PMDG), one thing was reminded to me within the video : the SLI(3) support. The King’s video was made with a SLI configuration and clearly shows that artefact disappeared. See by yourself erratic lightnings for example started at 26min22 and author’s comment at 31min50s. Did I forgot I bought - some time ago - a second nvidia GTX 770 connected in SLI ? Yep, some kind of because of the annoying SLI artefacts created by the 2.5. So I fly with the SLI feature desactivated since a while.

Just to keep you update, I finally bought my Professional* Prepar3D licence last Sunday and downloaded the 10Gb files. Now it’s time to evaluate it.

Let’s keep in touch.

* The only license available to me as I’m not student anymore nor am I a developer :


Source : http://prepar3d.com/product-overview/prepar3d-license-comparison/

(1) Virtual Address Space

(2) Out Of Memory

(3) * Two or more video cards connected together to get extra graphic power

1 commentaire:

Brigitte Augier a dit…

Bonjour Vincent,

Désolé c'est du Français ici (LoL)
Et cela fait longtemps que j'ai écris chez toi. ;-)

Mais tu parles de PMDG et P3D v3...

Hier j'ai fait un Londres-Athènes EGLL-LGAV
CyberAvia\CIP\Boite Noire\FSINN-Vol Régulier) avec le 777-ER300.

Pas d'OOMs, vol magnifique avec "OPusFSI" et sans décors.
donc avec un Prepar3D Pro v3 "tout nu".

De ~20 a ~40 Fps, c'est raisonnable. (I7 960 OC >4Ghz, GTI 580 >nonOC)

Mais attention : gros soucis avec le 777 PMDG & Prepar3D v3.

Bug avec le vol par défaut (F22).
Il faut charger par défaut (ex. Piper) et changer avec le 777 après.
Sinon,rien de clickable dans le VC.

Et en cockpit virtuel, si tu ouvre un écran en Pop-Up OOm assuré plus tard.
Sauf le CDU et déporté.
(Merci Marco M.)(FCY-MMA)

Waiting for a hotfix... ;-)

Mes 2 cents et bons vols.

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