Flight report and 1st Sedona Orbx test : from Cottonwood to KSEZ

17002683941_c93b76a353_oProgram of the day : join cottonwood (P52) to Sedona (KSEZ).
A very short hop of 14 miles.

2015-4-1_19-3-37-779Aerial view from… Prepar3D (and not Google Earth) !

16817362239_115e8edd52_oWith Foreflight, first check NOTAM and info from chart and any other requirment

16816073170_00a13b435e_oOK, the price is fine at Red Rock (Sedona FBO) ;-)

16796169727_de0d2a692d_oAlso checking destination weather and any usefull stuff

2015-4-1_18-30-56-190On the ramp at Cottonwood (P52). Engine running onboard the Cessna 182 Turbo (CT182T) from Carenado. Weather is fine.

2015-4-1_18-33-13-490The scenery of P52 Cottonwood is basic but free and included in the Sedona package. Basic ? Ok, but flow objets make the job and provide life to this small airfield.

2015-4-1_18-46-46-587Takeoff runway 14 Cottonwood

2015-4-1_18-47-12-824Expect left turn after departure. Let first avoid and not overfly Cottonwood city.

2015-4-1_18-50-26-492Climbing 7’500.
I’m still in love with the cloud shadows of Prepar3D 2.5

2015-4-1_18-53-26-591Approaching the more detailed area with all these red colors

2015-4-1_18-54-35-117Unfortunetly and as usual in the sim, the PAPI lights are really too much visible in the sim. I barely only see this white lights which reveal the exact location of the field ;-(

2015-4-1_18-55-1-28Not as much as “red” as in my memories, but Jarrad (Orbx’author) as defended his point of view and choice for global color of his scenery. Check his post on Orbx forum : http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/94782-welcome-to-sedona-americas-most-scenic-airport/page-4#entry860889

16840613560_2c85a12200_kPretty red isn’t at the end of the day ? By the way, I guess this pic was my first time in Sedona with Florent in 2008 !
Awesome souvenir !


4319082304_06a5584477_bLess red early and cloudy day with (the two) Alex  plane called “The crow” (check the STOL appendices at each wings)

4908744511_6a72da4e1f_oGround view of Red Rocks around noon



Despite the recommanded settings (“Mesh should be set at 5m and ground resolution at 7cm”) from the author (Jarrad Marshal), I regret the surrounding rendering. Check the Jarrad post on Orbx forum : http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/95230-ksez-sedona-arizona-mesh-and-texture-resolution-settings-in-p3d-v24/#entry864447

2015-4-1_19-11-18-587The mesh do as much as he can

4954165749_69c114c2ff_oOk, it’s hard for a FLIGHT simulator and not a SCENIC simulator, to be the-best on this matter but the location is so great we would like to have it exactly as it is ;-)


2015-4-1_19-21-26-515Another example of the surroundings with the recommended mesh settings. A part from a work of the expert developper Frank Dainese (see his Monument Valley rendition) I don’t see any other solution ;-)


2015-4-1_18-57-32-899Aerial view from the back seat of a virtual C182

4954754004_84ed394cf7_bAerial view from the back seat of a real C182 ;-)

2015-4-1_18-57-16-337Entering left downwind (thanks to the AWOS).
A Mooney (P3D AI aircraft) in on long final visual 21.

17003574725_80417e2f86_oI didn’t even noticed that Foreflight + FSXFlight was able to display AI aircrafts as ADSB trafics, exactly like in real with my Stratus receiver. Here’s the Mooney on final 21 while I’m on the left hand downwind.

2015-4-1_18-57-54-777Overflying the Poco Diablo resort ?

2015-4-1_18-59-45-783Approaching turning final, with the TrackIR I can keep an eye on the runway (which doesn’t prohibite me to overshoot anyway ;-)

2015-4-1_18-59-8-317Turning final and enjoying the surroundings. What a unbelievable place to fly !

2015-4-1_19-22-27-418Is it really a stabilized approach !? ;-) Look at details on the ground. The texture resolution is great !

2015-4-1_19-0-31-87Stabilized… Too high… Continue… As my last video onboard C182 was really a flat and low approach, I’m practising and practising again ;-)

2015-4-1_19-23-25-914The small hill that you encountered on short final is pretty well depicted in Orbx scenery. On this shot, you can also easily recognized the road climbing to the airport. In 2009, I remembered a (private) story on this road… Hum… don’t think it should be public ;-)

2015-4-1_19-0-50-384Short final… Big thanks go to the 4-PAPI Lights

2015-4-1_19-23-43-818 And now… Too low ! Keep the speed. Thank to the sim. Great platform to train and be more precise on the real world for my next trip to Sedona.


In one of his post Jarrad (Orbx author) mentionned that, by coincidence he watched some of my video at Sedona and use them to cross-check the label ;-) I’m a little proud to be part of his work ! Check Jarrad post : http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/94782-welcome-to-sedona-americas-most-scenic-airport/page-4#entry865828

2015-4-1_19-2-30-125Runway vaccated. A lot a visitors on the ramp. I gave way to the Mooney which vaccate on A4 ;-) and taxi ground much more.

2015-4-1_19-8-16-941As usual in Orbx scenery, the ground ambiance is unbelievable. All this object, make you think of real-word-good-sense : Stay on the line to cut off engine then push the plane ;-)


2015-4-1_19-11-34-108It’s time to pick-up the rental car. Which hotel have we booked ?

2015-4-1_19-4-1-410Once again, no it’s not a Google Earth view but a screen capture of Prepar3D ! Great job Jarrad !

For those interested in comparison between the flight sim + Orbx scenery and the reality, check this post : http://20-100-video.blogspot.fr/2015/03/orbx-sedona-airport-in-prepar3dfsx.html

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