Prepar3D v3.1 Clouds : REX 4 Texture Direct and Soft Clouds

I still never figure out how to choose smartly clouds texture in REX 4 Texture Direct. The sample showed look so much different which barely make nothing comparable. The communauty theme are so numerous and there is no really way to filter apart from weather theme (fair, thunderstorm…). Finally, you have the feeling to pick randomly texture and when you found one that match your taste, don’t touch anything !

This is what happening to me. I don’t know how but I found randomly a set that make clouds in P3D a great experience. Have a look to the video on top of this post. So here is, for me and blog’s reader my backup :


  • High Level Clouds : Set 01 – Curros-Cumulus
  • Low Level Clouds : Set 32 – Soft Clouds

image Sample show different situation for the same type of cloud. How to compare ?

So REX Simulations : you’re making great texture bad deserve with an unfriendly user interface. You can do better to value your work !

You’ll also see in the video that the awfull spinning clouds texture has mostly disapeared, without any tweak. This is great for me flying low and in opened cockpit despite VFR shouldn’t so close to clouds ;-)

As usual, if you want to know more about my PC configuration, go to this post or click on the image below.


Last word, I forgot to mention that my weather engine is Active Sky Next from Hifisim: http://www.hifisimtech.com/

1 commentaire:

Anonyme a dit…


Bravo pour cette mise en ligne "20.100"

J'ai sensiblement la même config Hardware,et le CPU a 4,2 Ghz.(a ce jour)
[Lol>] ...Quelques tensions sont dans le rouge...

Avec Prepar3D v3.1,REX 4 T.D. & Soft Clouds.(Et sur un Winx64 "Geeko-tweaké" dans tout les sens.)

Par contre avec OpusFSi pour la Météo. Pour moi le meilleur Addon de Météo.
(En considérant le très efficace support et soutien du Sensationnel altruiste Steven, son concepteur.)

Bon vols,
Pierre-Jean -SWL 122.8

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