La suspicion plane maintenant sur tous les pilotes avec une caméra


Voila ce qu'il reste sur la peinture d'un des avions de PlusOne après qu'un abruti ait eut du mal à enlever sa GoPro (on voit bien la forme du support adhésive 3M). La suspicion va donc  planer sur chaque pilote qui aura une GoPro/Drift/Contour ! ;-(

Mail reçu ce jour :

Please let this email remind all members that the external attachment of any type of device to a Plus One aircraft is PROHIBITED (please see B.5. of the Operational Rules).
We recently had another issue of a member (unknown) attaching something to the belly of an aircraft. Unable to remove it cleanly by hand, the Mensa candidate decided to use some heavy duty tools which now require the aircraft to spend some shop time at a considerable expense to the the club (of which you all contribute).  See attached picture...

Please be aware that going forward, Plus One Flyers will assume that the last person flying the aircraft is responsible for any damage caused by these prohibited installations.  The excuse of "it wasn't me" will be more deeply scrutinized going forward.  If a correct, detailed, and thorough pre-flight is performed, any damage such as this would easily be recognized and needs to be reported to the Ops officer immediately.  Additionally, a certified mechanic would need to inspect the damage to verify airworthiness prior to you flying that aircraft.

PLEASE do a thorough pre-flight and perform a visual inspection of the exterior surfaces to verify no obvious damage is present.  This is your "personal" insurance policy to prevent being blamed for any damages caused by someone before you.  Additionally, if you see anyone mounting a camera to a Plus One aircraft, please let Ops know immediately.  Thank You.
Fly Safe

Soyez un peu responsable les gars ! ;-(

2 commentaires:

Unknown a dit…

pfff ... en plus sur le N811TW ... :@

Franck a dit…

Il y a vraiment des abrutis partout!
Et en plus, ils ont osé, sur notre belle monture!!!!

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